Books that rekindle
a forgotten
of life.

The Sounds of the Ancestors Series


The Last Healer

First Volume in the New Series by S. Katz


"Our current civilization is ending. The time has come to rekindle
that which was hidden so that we may heal our lives and our world."




When disillusioned health practitioner Samuel Amber witnesses an unexpected message in the wilderness, and later receives a distressing phone call from one of his sons, he succumbs to destiny, leading his family on a journey to Northern California, where they meet a mysterious elder.


As the ancient one guides the ailing son through a deep healing, Samuel is brought face to face with his own wounds and those of the civilization.

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The Larbu & Tia Adventure Series


First Volume in the Larbu & Tia Adventure Series by S. Katz


Prepare to enter the world of Larbu and Tia, a parallel universe that
exists here, now. It's a world where two kids and their parents embark
on a series of adventures, learning how to return to their full aliveness.


In Natives, the first release in the series, the family explores hot springs
and old Indian trails in the American West. Larbu and Tia begin to connect
with a past world through voices, visionary dreams, and finally by a
meeting with an old one. They return to their parents and their own world
with a new perspective on how life could be.


  A magical, mystical story for human beings of all ages.

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Second Volume in the Larbu & Tia Adventure Series by S. Katz


Larbu and Tia are two children attempting to be who they really are in
the face of the constant lure of the material world.


In Natives, we were introduced to the Amber family in their quest for how
to live as full human beings. Now, in Hoodoos, the instruction deepens.
Follow the Ambers' adventures in the American Southwest and learn
how to awaken to the true needs of your spirit.


Here are real-life tools for creating a more conscious, happier and healthier life.

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